Welcome to Marble and Mud

Heidi Sime


Connections. I see them everywhere. In Nature, old alleys, furniture, graphic design, food, textiles, geometry, science, children, through photography and my travels. I inherit these connections that work symbiotically — or clash fantastically — and meld them into a mindful vision. I’m here to help you turn your dream into something brilliant that you will love.

About Me

I’m an interior designer and artist, working in the Midwest. My study began in fine arts. I worked in B/W photography and textiles for several years before moving into Interior Design although I swim daily in a current of creating magical interiors, art making and giving back to my community by sharing my gifts through education.  I call it a trifecta of “facing directions”. For someone who loves art and architecture — from the most opulent to the seemingly simple — it is an effortless revolution.


I use natural materials such as steel, wood, stone, as well as textiles and paint to express poetry through sculpture. I use acrylic paints to express my rebellious emotions on a steel canvas. I believe everyone is born with creativity and has the capacity for it. It needs to be nurtured and honored. I must live by my imagination. I can only think of my work as wabi sabi. “The beauty of all things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. Because that is how I define myself and an artist cannot deny themselves by the spirit that lies inside.”